The Good Food and Wine Festival is back, will you be going?

If you think the festival is only celebrity chefs, wine and cheese you’re in the wrong head space. Even though many celebrities (like Maggie Beer and Matt Moran – check out our interview with Maggie and our Matt Moran photo gallery!) will offer advice and recipes, there are some real hidden gems if you’re prepared to wander.

Here are five things you’ll want to discover at the Good Food and Wine Show:

1. Chilli Chocolate

Luxury chilli chocolate is gaining a reputation as a super food and it’s super delicious! The Queensland company Seatonfire grows their own chilli using organic methods and picks,molds and wraps every bar by hand, which is unique to the world.

2. Upcycling wine bottles

Local family business Bluefish Graphics offers creative ways to re-purpose old wine bottles and glass, by making dinnerware, glasses and even unique hanging pendant lights!

3. Gingerbread shack

If you’re looking for something for the kids, swing by Christen’s Gingerbread stall for lightly flavoured soft ginger biscuits that are handmade and decorated. The opportunity to learn how to make a gingerbread Aussie beach shack may have the attention of the big kids too!

4. Indulgent Vodka

If wine isn’t really your thing, why not try Australian made Caramel and Chocolate vodka? No it’s not a trick, this Australian made VORTIK fusion liqueur is produced from Vodka and is not cream based.

5. Where to next?

Intrepid Travel’s new Food Adventures will highlight the world’s culinary hot spots with a focus on street fare, local specialities, home cooking and urban food and drink culture.


Remember to bring any books along to be signed by celebrity chefs, it’s a great Christmas gift idea too (win a Maggie Beers cookbook on our win page)! And be sure to check out our social pics from the Good Food and Wine Show launch.

What are you looking forward to most about the Good Food and Wine Show? Let us know in the comments below!