Brunswick Street has a new dining edition with an Asian inspired menu and signature cocktails call the Alibi Room.

Francie Mays bar and eating house has replaced the once iconic Alibi Room on the street corner in New Farm. The open windows on the street level remain, allowing diners to enjoy the breeze in summer. Diners can also eat in dimly lit booths in the downstairs section.

The restaurant was named after co-owner Hayley Wechsel’s ‘tell it like it is’ grandma, a great cook and host who gives what she demands- the best.

Francie Mays is an extension of Francie’s own dining room, it’s communal dining in a welcoming atmosphere. But beware, you better ‘sit up and eat what’s put in front of you’ because that’s what Francie demands.

Items on the menu include ezechuan pepper soft shell crab, Grant’s sticky pork ribs with coffee glazed chinese bbq-style sauce and tamarind and turmeric charred jumbo salad. The menu also has plenty of options for diners looking for gluten free alternatives.

If you’re undecided shout ‘feed me Francie’ and Chef Robert and Francie May will decide on what Asian delights to feed you. This option is for six courses including signature dishes and desserts and costs $69 per person.