Where as most people’s decision on a cut of beef is whether or not to request their steak medium or well done, the Hilton Hotel’s Vintaged Bar + Grill executive chef Jeremy Clark is determined to push Brisbane’s culinary tastes a little further.

“I think people are being more adventurous of late and experimenting with eating more secondary cuts such as flank, flat iron, rostbiff and inside skirt, all of which are featured on the recently launched spring/summer Vintaged menu,” says the chef.

Sourced from Vic’s Premium Quality Meats in Sydney, all of Vintaged’s beef is bred in Victoria, NSW and Queensland and includes grain fed, grass fed and Wagyu varieties.

The restaurant recently held an interactive Butcher Block event with Anthony Puharich, owner of Vic’s Premium Quality Meats and Victor Churchill, a fifth generation butcher, who flew up with a selection of his most popular and favourite beef cuts. The event was designed to inform guests about meat preparation, interaction and knowledge. Guests were also exposed to more radical cuts of meat including ox tongue and rostbiff. Guests also had the opportunity to interact with Anthony and celebrity chef Adrian Richardson from La Luna Melbourne, who shared the cooking with Jeremy Clark, and learn about different styles and cooking techniques and primary and secondary cuts of meat.

“We wanted to present an event that was relatively new to Brisbane and showcase quality beef,” says Clark.

“We have worked very closely with our meat supplier to select only the finest beef. It’s about the respect given to the meat from paddock to plate and making sure everyone along the supply train has that same philosophy.”

To cook a good quality cut of beef to its best at home, chef Jeremy Clark recommends seasoning your meat and ensuring you have a very hot pan or barbecue.

“For medium rare, we sear the steak up to 4 minutes on both sides,” he says.

“The real key to a perfect steak is to rest it for up to 15 minutes to relax the tissues in the meat to maintain its tenderness. Secondary cuts can be grilled but a longer resting time, say five minutes longer, is required.”

Visit the Hilton Hotel’s Vintaged Bar + Grill at 190 Elizabeth St, Brisbane.