Famed Brisbane chef Jocelyn Hancock’s clean food approach has set a tone for good honest pub fare at Fortitude Valley’s Alfred & Constance, with a philosophy of minimal interference from paddock to plate.

Led by an affinity with the venue (owned by Damian Griffiths, also behind the precinct’s Limes Hotel, Alfredo’s Pizzeria and Chester Street bakery), its wood fire pizza oven and a desire to promote ‘clean food’, Jocelyn’s style has been forged over a lifetime in the kitchen.

“When I say clean food, I mean that it’s not been played with,” says Hancock.

“If you’ve got a roast pig coming out of the oven, or a whole rack of beef rib, you add a lovely salad and a few roast potatoes and that’s it. Things don’t have to be tricked up.”

Nothing is wasted in the Alfred and Constance kitchen. Whole animals are utilised meaning you could be eating a chop, steak or sausage – whatever’s left is used, not wasted.

Hancock is very passionate about the quality of meat.

“Growing up rurally (near Killarney), we always grew our own food,” she says.

“This stays with you for the rest of your life and keeps you connected with what you’re eating.

“This is central to the kitchen at Alfred & Constance. It’s about dealing with the local farmer, the local butcher and not being precious about it. We aren’t ordering cryovac rib fillet, we’re sourcing the best quality meat and letting it speak for itself.

“We source as much as we can things like apples from people we know at Stanthorpe, potatoes from near Queen Mary Falls, and so on.

“It’s about us knowing who we’re dealing with at a supplier level as much as possible, and explaining to our customers what it is they’re experiencing.

“The movement of knowing where your food is coming from is one that’s gaining momentum around the world.”