Alex Clark is one of the world’s best cocktail mixers after winning the Jack Daniels World Cup in 2010 in Tennessee, USA. Clark has devised masculine cocktails for the newly opened The Fox in South Brisbane to satisfy demand from male drinkers.

Here he reveals to Elisabeth Attwood his latest cocktail!

“People are always looking for the next drink,” says Clark who moved to Brisbane two months ago from London, where he owned two cocktail bars.

“Cocktails are moving away from what people would traditionally think of as sickly sweet drinks. Guys are coming into the bar and if something on the cocktail menu appeals to them, they will buy it rather than a beer or spirit.”

He is the beverage operator at The Fox and one of the new drinks is a spicy cocktail, which he believes is unique in the city.

“It’s called Andy ‘Bring the Heat’ Roddick – named after the player who had the fastest serve in tennis. I reckon this is the tastiest serve in Brisbane.”

The cocktail is a twist on a traditional margarita: jalapeno tequila and agave cucumber puree is shaken with fresh lime and the glass is rimmed with Mexican spice of lime juice and sweet chili flakes.

“The cocktail evolution is really hitting home and Brisbane is involved,” says Clark. “Perhaps cocktails aren’t appealing to the masses here but it is the sort of city where quality and not quantity counts. I’ve noticed lots of quirky places popping up here. Bartenders know what they’re doing here.

Clark also says customers are becoming more interested in ordering drinks that will complement meals. “People are now wanting drinks to match their food. They’re searching for sophistication – rather than having dinner and a glass of wine at home, they’re coming out into the city to be surprised.”

Clark has devised a small selection of Italian-style drinks to match The Fox’s meatball menu. “Aperitif cocktails before a meal to open the palate are popular,” he says.

“Brisbane is on the up and up. There is a lot of talent here and people are pushing the boundaries in terms of drinks.”