Poolside dining is a casual but high-quality affair at Lagoon Café, overlooking Orion Lagoon at Springfield Central near Ipswich.

The café is a great post-swim stop after you’ve worked up a huge appetite in the water but there’s no obligation to get wet – you can feel cooler simply by tucking into a delectable meal while observing the water action.

Lagoon Café’s chefs are passionate about providing the best breakfasts on offer, with Bircher Muesli, Chia Seed Pudding and Japanese Okonomiyaki (a vegetable pancake) all popular choices. You can even have a Lagoon Breaky Pizza, with goodies such as bacon, bocconcini and a baked egg on top.

Lunch options include Seafood Basket, Trio of Chips and Bucket of Queensland Prawns, and youngsters will love the kids’ menu items like Chicken Popcorn and Happy Nemo – battered fish fillets with potato wedges.

If it’s a delicious caffeine fix you need, Dancing Bean Coffee from an Ipswich roastery is on offer and a great complement to the sweet treats baked on-site. Friday to Sunday evenings have Pop-up Food vans selling goods from wood-fired pizzas to burgers, and Yoga Poolside classes have also started up in the mornings.

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