Just down the road from Eat Street Markets is Hamilton Harbour, a rapidly-growing hub of shops. Workshop 14 is the latest addition to the line up and offers locals a laid-back watering hole.

Even if you’re not a Portside local, Workshop 14 is the perfect place to stop and wind down from the day. Owner Anne Scott opened the doors about three weeks ago and has had a steady stream of curious locals pop their heads in or stop by to sip on a beer.

Anne herself lives across the road in one of the apartment blocks and realised the untapped potential on Hamilton harbour. With many more residential developments currently being built, she saw a gap in the market and decided to jump in. Workshop 14 is her first foray into the world of hospitality and she is relishing the experience.

Realising the lack of a local watering hole, when the space became available, Anne stepped in and signed the lease, turning the empty shop into Workshop 14. The name was inspired by the area, Hamilton Harbour has always been an industrial area and in fact, the space used to be a butter factory. The interior is a mix of sheet metal, wood, leather and exposed lightbulbs – which creates an industrial feel but is still warm and welcoming. There is also an alfresco dining area and interesting metal bar stools with intricate detailing.

Choose from a variety of craft beers on tap and a selection of bottled brews as well. And soon they will be introducing tallies from the Granite Belt Brewery. Anne takes pride in offering a quality selection of locally-made and boutique beers in addition to wines, cocktails and spirits.