Combining World Cup fever and the sights of samba dancers, Navala Churrascaria has grooved its way into the gourmet Riverside Quarter and the hearts of local diners.

Joining Jellyfish Restaurant, The Imperial and Black Bird Bar & Grill at the Riverside Quarter on Eagle Street, Navala Churrascaria’s delicious Brazilian offerings are a carnivore’s dream come true.

Navala Churrascaria focuses on ancient Brazilian cooking techniques for its 22 different meat offerings, which are slow-cooked in wood and charcoal pits and served to patrons from large skewers.

Spoilt for choice, think slow-roasted JBS Friboi grain-fed beef ribs, Gippsland Great Southern Lamb and whole suckling pigs. The venue also offers 14 tapas dishes and an assortment of salads and sides. Little pots on the table (pictured) signal to wait staff whether to bring more food or you’re too full.

The taste-driven venue is ideally positioned on the riverside with an outdoor balcony area for guests to enjoy views of the Story Bridge.

Guests can also expect samba dancing and live Latin music to be a regular feature at the venue.

Navala Churrascaria is a joint venture of Daniel Fujimoto and Chef David Kim, who run similar venues in Sydney.