The walls of Paddington’s adorable new eatery, Atticus Finch Café, are aptly decorated with vintage pages from To Kill a Mockingbird.

Residing on a prime corner on Paddington’s Latrobe Terrace, Atticus Finch Café has won locals over within weeks of opening, with their approach to simply, tasty food.

The Atticus Finch deck has become a popular spot for pooches to dine alongside their owners, with special hooks for leashes and water bowls available.

The breakfast joint has been decorated with tapestry cushions, trestle tables and hanging shrubbery pots, as well as a Mockingbird feature wall by Emily from Frank & Mimi (pictured).

Guests can expect breakfast options such as:

– Mixed Grain Porridge: oats, grains, poached pear, honey, pistachios and cinnamon. (Vegetarian/Egg-free)
– Grilled vegetable, olive tapenade, basil and bocconcini toastie. (Vegetarian/Egg-free)
– Honey roasted bacon, fried egg, onion jam, Swiss cheese and aioli toastie.
– Prosciutto, pecorino, roasted capsicum, onion jam and basil sandwich.
– Turkey, cranberry compote, toasted walnuts, rocket and aioli toastie. (Dairy-free)
– Miso baked salmon salad with Japanese rice, sesame, wombok, spring onion, pickled ginger and dashi dressing.
– Roasted chicken salad with quinoa, roast capsicum, toasted almonds, sunflower seeds with sesame drizzle and coriander.

Atticus Finch Café also offers premise-baked sweets like gluten-free chocolate brownies, mixed berry and banana muffins, biscotti and cookies.

The venue boasts an impressive beverage menu with Six Barrel Soda Co (NZ), Nudie juices, Byron Bay tea and Coffee Supreme brew.

Avid caffeine addicts will also be pleased with the bottomless cup of single origin brewed coffee.

For a morning out for coffee with your four-legged friend, Paddington’s Atticus Finch Café is a pleasure to visit.