Amongst South Bank’s populated dining precinct, a sweet-fiend’s paradise can be discovered.

The first of its kind in Queensland, this dessert cocktail bar attempts to serve every sweet craving you may have.

Cowch owner and founder Arif Memis says he and his wife created the menu by incorporating everything that they love to indulge in.

“My wife and I have always wanted to go to different places when we go out. She may want a coffee while I’d want a drink. So we thought, why not fuse those two together, in a relaxed venue?” says Memis.

“There’s a couple of classics on the menu, but then we added the dessert pizzas, naked pops and sweet cocktails – what we think is fun and cute.

“My favourite is the Dip ‘n’ Chill – you get the best of both worlds, and our churros and frozen yoghurt are made fresh daily.”

Cowch’s mouth-watering menu extends from fresh breakfasts, cheeses and pastries, smoothies, and chilled desserts through to cocktails and a lengthy drinks list.

Cowch also boasts a novel ‘naked pop’ station, where customers can select an icecream flavour, dress it in a chocolate coating and toppings of their choosing. During our visit, we opted for a pomegranate pop, covered in milk chocolate with shredded coconut, chocolate flakes and crispy pearls.

A menu must-try would be the Mello Martini, which infuses Vanilla Vodka with cinnamon, chocolate liquer, marshmallows and cream (pictured).

With its big cosy lounge, mood lighting and central fire pit, Cowch is set to become a winter haven for any outing from family gatherings to date nights.

On Friday and Saturday nights, guests can also kick back and enjoy live entertainment by local DJs.

Cowch’s decadent offerings are available from 7am until late, seven days a week.