Tucked away in a nook on George Street across from Queens Park, Frisky Goat Espresso delivers their caffeine as promised – expert quality with a smile.

The cosy little coffee spot is packed when I wander in at nine on a Tuesday. A few of the tall tables are occupied by small groups but mostly customers are grabbing to-go, seeking a caffeine hit before the day begins.

Everyone is chatting, to the staff and each other, and it’s clear this espresso stop has carved out a solid reputation among city-dwellers – most of the crowd are regulars recognised by the busy baristas.

Offering minimal fare expected of an espresso bar, including muffins, cookies and gluten-free snacks, the shiny bar has one purpose: to serve a brew that anyone could enjoy. And it delivers – the coffee is smooth, strong and the perfect temperature.

So next time you’re meandering through Queens Park and feel the need for a hit of caffeine, check out Frisky Goat for a truly stellar brew.