The Bearded Lady is West End’s latest bar and entertainment venue, with a unique focus on boutique beverages, live music and theatre.

An eccentric and mysterious spirit, finding herself in the heart of West End Brisbane, the Bearded Lady has embraced like-minded souls to make her dream a reality Рbringing the purest of rock and the heaviest of roll to the ears of all her kindred spirits

Surrounded by the character of West End and decorated by some of Brisbane’s most accomplished street artists, this eclectic mix of old and new will satisfy the senses in an atmosphere that is to be enjoyed by the young & old, weird & wonderful alike.

The Bearded Lady’s little freaks serve anything from locally produced craft beer to real ale straight from the hand pump, exquisite cocktails to fine wines. They also offer a range of function packages to suit all needs.

Perhaps most notable is The Bearded Lady’s passion for entertainment and a devotion to all things weird and wonderful. With a showcase of local and touring musicians on the main stage, an array of entertainers and the monthly cabaret night, people are kept both intrigued and amazed. With Brisbane’s best rock dj’s playing a diversity of old and new school tunes, and jam sessions around the 1920’s ¬†upright piano in the front oar, there is something for everyone at this captivating venue.

The Bearded Lady is a venue that screams uniqueness and can only be fully understood upon a visit.