Thank you for your continued support.

Our delivery company employs over 1,600 distributors to deliver bmag to homes across Brisbane and whilst they have checking procedures in place it is impossible to watch all delivery personnel. To enhance the checking process we are establishing our own Street Watch to keep an eye on the delivery of bmag. This involves having friendly readers watching their area for delivery of bmag on our behalf.

The process is as follows:-

In our scheduled week of delivery (we are a fortnightly publication) we will notify you on Monday, via email, that you should be receiving your copy of bmag. On the following Friday we will send another email asking you to confirm delivery OR non delivery. By clicking on the link provided in the Friday’s email a webpage will appear asking whether you received your bmag. Simply click YES or NO and hit the submit button and we will receive your answer instantaneously.

We ask for your assistance in maintaining this important Street Watch.

From time to time we will endeavour to reward members of our Street Watch program.

We appreciate your support and look forward to your earliest reply.