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Sunnybank Hills is 15km from Brisbane CBD. It was part of the Sunnybank fruit growing and plant nursery area and was named in 1971. By the mid-1970s much of the rural character was replaced by new housing.

Surrounding suburbs: Algester, Calamvale, Coopers Plains, Macgregor, Runcorn, Sunnybank

Council hotline: (07) 3403 8888

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Local Members Councillor Kim Marx
Karawatha Ward Office
Shop 53, Level 2, Sunnybank Hills Shopping Town / Corner Compton and Calam Roads, Sunnybank Hills
Phone: (07) 3407 0566
State Members Mark Stewart
Electorate: Sunnybank
Suite 4 / 309 Mains Rd, Sunnybank Hills
Phone: (07) 3219 6974
Federal Members Graham Perret MP
Electorate: Moreton
250 McCullough St, Sunnybank Hills
Phone: (07) 3344 2622
Green waste collection Green waste collected fortnightly, alternate to the recycling collection
Recycling collection Recycling collected fortnightly
Rubbish collection General waste collected weekly on a Friday
Watering restrictions The last remaining water restrictions in SEQ were lifted on 1 January, 2013
Early learning centres Sunnybank Hills Childcare Centre: 371 Jackson Rd, Sunnybank Hills 4109
Phone: (07) 3272 3575
  Sunny Hills Child Care: 101 Borella Rd, Sunnybank Hills 4109
Phone: (07) 3345 5500
  Sunnybank Hills Early Learning Centre: 285 Gowan Rd, Sunnybank Hills 4109
Phone: (07) 3711 5589
Library Sunnybank Hills Library: Sunnybank Hills Shopping Centre / Compton Rd, Sunnybank Hills 4109
Phone: (07) 3403 8888
Secondary schools Sunnybank State High School: Boorman St, Sunnybank Hills 4109
Phone: (07) 3323 8111
Parks/Playgrounds Morden Rd: Morden and Ryhill Rds, Sunnybank Hills 4109
  Neath St: Goman and Neatrh Sts, Sunnybank Hills 4109
  Paterson Park: Lynelle St and Tanguile Place, Sunnybank Hills 4109
  Merriwa Park: Goorong and Merriwa Sts, Sunnybank Hills 4109
  Lynelle St: Lot 300 / Lynelle St and the Avenue, Sunnybank Hills 4109
  Jack Pyle Park: Dubarry St and Gowan Rd, Sunnybank Hills 4109
Features: Has playground, barbecue, half-court basketball, rebound wall, BMX and skating
  Lang St: Jackson Rd and Lang St, Sunnybank Hills 4109
  Peppercorn St: Peppercorn and Tranquil Sts, Sunnybank Hills 4109
  Ryhill Rd: 126 Ditton and Ryhill Rds, Sunnybank Hills 4109
  The Avenue Park: Forestlea Place, Park Avenue and The Avenue, adjoining Shelley Creek, Sunnybank Hills 4109
Features: Has playground, half-court basketball, wheelchair access
  Westaway Park: Chilton, Garro and Kingman Sts and Hellawell Rd, Sunnybank Hills 4109
  Symons Rd: Normandy St and Symons Rd, Sunnybank Hills
  Sunny Court: Jackson Rd and Sunny Crt, Sunnybank Hills 4109
  Seafern St: Flinstone and Seafern Sts, Sunnybank Hills
  Stones Rd Reservoir: Stones Rd and Viewpoint St, Sunnybank Hills 4109
  Beldale Park, Beldale St: Camelia Pl and Dapper St, Sunnybank Hills 4109
Features: Has playground, half-court basketball
  Honeywood St: Cherrywood and Honeywood Sts, Sunnybank Hills 4109
  Bradman St: Bradman, Lysaght and Morden Sts, Sunnybank Hills 4109
  Bushy Park: Jales and Manzill Sts, Sunnybank Hills 4109
  Booral St: Bonyi and Booral Sts, Sunnybank Hills 4109
  Bonyi St: Bonyi and Marooni Sts, Sunnybank Hills 4109
  Benbak Circuit: Benbak Circuit, off Jackson Rd, Sunnybank Hills 4109
  Bendell Park: Borella Rd and Greenleaf St, Sunnybank Hills 4109
  Cavay Place: Goman St and Morden Rd, Sunnybank Hills 4109
  Chilton St: Garro and Chilton Sts, Sunnybank Hills 4109
  Falstaff St: Falstaff and Lynelle Sts and Shylock Cres, Sunnybank Hills 4109
  Gibbins St: Gibbins and Lynelle Sts, Sunnybank Hills 4109
  Ditton Rd Park: Ditton Rd, Landseer St and Neath St, Sunnybank Hills 4109
Features: Has playground, barbecue and half-court basketball
  Ditton Rd Park: 127 Ditton Rd and Ryhill Rd, Sunnybank Hills 4109
  Coonawarra St: Coonawarra St, off Chilton St, Sunnybank Hills 4109
  Coventry Placeace: Belvedere Cres and Coventry Place, Sunnybank Hills 4109
  Goman St: Goman and Morden Rds, Sunnybank Hills 4109
Shopping centres Sunnybank Hills Shopping Town: Cnr Calam and Compton Rds, Sunnybank Hills 4109
Phone: (07) 3273 5611

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