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Keperra is 12km north west of Brisbane city. It has a deep and rich history, with some thinking that the name was based upon the Aboriginal term for “Kipper” (a young tribe member who has reached initiation age). Robert H. Cottam founded the Keperra Golf Club in 1931 and it was originally called the Enoggera Golf Club.

Surrounding suburbs: Arana Hills, Everton Hills, Ferny Grove, Ferny Hills, Gaythorne, Mitchelton

Council hotline: (07) 3403 8888

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Local Members Councillor Andrew Wines
Enoggera Ward Office
102 Samford Road (Cnr Cole St), Alderley 4051
Phone: (07) 3407 2510
State Members Dale Shuttleworth MP
Electorate: Ferny Grove
Shop 14, Ferny Grove Shopping Village / , Ferny Grove 4055
Phone: (07) 3851 1570
Federal Members Jane Prentice MP
Electorate: Ryan
636 Moggill Rd, Chapel Hill 4069
Phone: (07) 3378 1599
Green waste collection Green waste collected fortnightly, alternate to the recycling collection
Recycling collection Recycling collected fortnightly
Rubbish collection General waste collected weekly on a Monday
Watering restrictions The last remaining water restrictions in SEQ were lifted on 1 January, 2013
Bikeways Off-Road Bike Path: Cobalt St, Keperra 4054
Train station Grovely Railway Station: Blaker Rd, Keperra 4054
  Keperra Railway Station: Silvertop St, Keperra 4054
Early learning centres TLC Childcare: 6-10 Camoola St, Keperra 4054
Phone: (07) 3851 2229
  Kindy Patch Grovely: 161 Dawson Pde, Keperra 4054
Phone: (07) 3355 4949
Primary schools Grovely State School: 200 Dawson Pde, Keperra 4054
Phone: (07) 3354 6333
  St William's Primary School: 67 Dawson Pde, Keperra 4054
Phone: (07) 3355 5122
Dog parks Keryn Place Park: Mungarie St, Keperra 4054
  Dash St Park: Duggan St, Keperra 4054
Entertainment facilities Arana Leagues Club: Dawson Pde, Keperra 4054
Phone: (07) 3354 1333
Parks/Playgrounds Annandale St: Annandale and Avington Sts, Keperra 4054
  McKell Oval: Concorde St, Dawson Pde, Ryland and Woking Sts, adjoining Kedron Brook, Keperra 4054
  Silverstop St: Coachwood and Silvertop Sts, Keperra 4054
  Kindilan Park: Cobalt St, Glengarry and Samford Rds, Keperra 4054
  Oxford Park Reserve: Blaker Rd, Lesina, Pershing, Rolleston and Towns Sts, Keperra 4054
Features: Has playground and public toilets
  Kings Park: Cobalt and Hermitage St, Keperra 4054
  Keryn Place: Keryn Pl and Mungarie St, Keperra 4054
  Bundara Park: Balvenie St and Shaun Pl, Keperra 4054
  Fihelly St: Dawson Pde and Fihelly and Mooney Sts, Keperra 4054
  Dash St: Dash and Duggan Sts, Keperra 4054
Features: Has rebound wall
  Grovely Sportground Park: Dawson Pde and Hanran and Madsen Sts, adjoining Kedron Brook, Keperra 4054
  Kane St: Dawson Pde and Kane St, Keperra 4054
  Jurayelba Place: Callan, Kane and Tozer Sts, Keperra 4054
Features: Has playground and barbecues
Recreation facilities Redcliffe and District Touch Association: 118 Cobalt St, Keperra 4054
Phone: (07) 3851 0122
  Keperra Country Golf Club,: 44 Duggan St, Keperra 4054
Phone: (07) 3355 7744
  Northwest Athletics: 18 Satinay St, Keperra 4054
Phone: (07) 3355 3640
Shopping centres Great Western Super Centre: 1028 Samford Rd, Keperra 4054
Baptist Keperra Baptist Church: 980 Samford Rd, Keperra 4054
Phone: (07) 3355 7639
Catholic Churches St William's Catholic Church: 67 Dawson Pde, Keperra 4054
Phone: (07) 3355 2667
Other Apostolic Church Australia: 59 Gilston St, Keperra 4054
Phone: (07) 3851 0922
  Hope City Church Brisbane: 200 Dawson Pde, Keperra 4054
Phone: (07) 3354 4511

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