The Queensland Government is being urged to consider a generational ban on smoking for anyone born after 2001.

Queensland’s chief health officer, Jeanette Young, recently urged Queensland families to ban smoking in their own homes.

Cancer Council Queensland is taking the plea a step further, however, and calling for consideration of a generational phase-out of smoking.

“We need to ask ourselves, are we doing enough? A generational phase-out could take the form of a complete ban on smoking for all children born after 2001,” said Cancer Council Queensland CEO Professor Jack Dunn AO.

“This would mean that young people turning 15 this year would never legally be allowed to smoke — providing a glide path to end the scourge of cigarettes.

“One thing is certain — our failutr to take action today will burden our children tomorrow with tobacco-related debt and disease.

“Cancer Council Queensland stands ready to protect our children and call for even stronger action against smoking.

“We urge all Queenslanders to stand with us for a smoke free future.”

Around 12 per cent of Queensland adults smoke daily — 50,000 fewer people than in 2014.

Around 3,700 Queenslanders die from a tobacco-related disease each year. Cancer Council Queensland says about 370 of these deaths are caused by second-hand smoke exposure.

On September 1 2016, new laws will come into effect banning smoking at public transport waiting points, pedestrian malls, aged care facilities, specified national parks and at or near children’s organised sporting events and skate parks in Queensland.

Health Minister Cameron Dick has said he will wait to see the effect of these new laws before he considers a generational ban on smoking.

“Let’s see how that goes,” Mr Dick said.

“We’ve gone from 30 per cent to 12 per cent of adults smoking daily in 15 years — I think that’s a significant improvement.

“Clearly, smoking is becoming socially unacceptable in Queensland.”

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UPDATE: This poll has closed, and the votes are in. 62 per cent of Bmag readers think smoking should be banned for all Queenslanders born after 2001, and just 38 per cent of you disagree. Time to kick the habit, guys.