It’s October, so you know what that means — it’s time to argue about daylight savings again.

As is our proud Queensland tradition, the first weekend in October brings with it the annual daylight savings debate. You could set your watch to it — actually, you should probably set two watches to it, just in case one of your ‘smart’ devices automatically rolls your clock over to daylight savings time, robbing you of an hour’s sleep (thanks, guys).

There are people who can’t understand how daylight savings time is still a thing, anywhere in the world…

… and then there are the people who insist it’s time for Queensland to finally join our southern cousins in adopting daylight savings, if only to spare those living on the border from months of inconvenience and confusion.

Finally, there are those who believe daylight savings time makes sense for some parts of Queensland (those border towns, for instance), but not for others (North Queensland centres like Mackay, Mt Isa and Townsville are deadset against daylight savings, for instance, and could turn against any political party that sought to introduce it).

So where do you stand? Is it time for us to get with the times, or can you see no reason for times to change? Vote in our poll, and have your say in the comments below!

UPDATE: This poll is closed. A resounding 51 per cent of you voted that we should introduce daylight savings in Queensland, with 18.83 per cent voting that only select parts of the state should adopt the practice, 17.69 per cent voting to maintain the status quo, and 12.48 per cent voting that not only should we not adopt daylight savings, but New South Wales should scrap it, too.