Kitty Flanagan has been slammed for saying that Santa Claus doesn’t exist on last night’s episode of The Project, but did she actually do anything wrong?

Making her last appearance on The Project, Flanagan declared — not once, but twice — that Santa doesn’t exist.

“Oh, sorry — spoiler alert,” she said afterwards. “If you have kids in the room, you should probably have covered their ears and gone ‘la, la, la!’ or something.”

Hundreds of parents took to social media to complain about the gaffe, forcing producers of the show — which airs in a relatively early 6:30pm timeslot — to formally apologise via Twitter and offer a make-good appearance by Santa himself on tonight’s episode.


Do you think Kitty was in the wrong, or is it time we tell kids the truth about Santa Claus? Vote in our poll and have your say in the comments below!

UPDATE: This poll has closed, and the votes are in. 39.48 per cent of you said you should let kids figure it out on their own; 23.93 per cent said you should tell the kids, but only when they’re old enough to handle it; 19.88 per cent said you should tell the kids the truth from the beginning; and 16.71 per cent voted for ‘Wait, what truth about Santa Claus?’

It’s true what they say — ignorance is bliss…