We’ve all seen the footage of Karen Bailey’s racist outburst on a Sydney train, but what does it say about Australia?

In the viral video, the 55-year-old Bailey subjected an Asian woman and a group of boys to a foul-mouthed racist rant on a Central Coast-bound train. Bailey imitated an Asian voice and referred to the woman as ‘gook’.

Bailey has since insisted she isn’t racist. “Everyone’s playing the race card,” she told the Daily Telegraph. “It wasn’t purely the Asian lady. It was Australians too. It was basically anybody that looked at me, they were a target.”

Bailey has offered a “public apology” for her rant, but added: “It’s only names. It’s not like I’m murdering anyone.”

What do you think? Is Bailey’s outburst indicative of a deep-seated racism problem in Australia, or does the reaction of the other passengers prove that she’s the exception, not the rule?

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