Campbell Newman’s LNP government handed down what might turn out to be its final budget on Tuesday night, but did it win your vote?

The budget announcement came loaded with infrastructure goodies — including a $1.5 billion Southeast Queensland Roads fund and a $1 billion public transport rail fund — and with the promise of asset sales if the Government wins the next election.

Were you impressed with the budget, or was it a flop? Vote in our poll, and have your say in the comments below!

Have Your Say

Last week, we asked whether the ABC should continue funding Peppa Pig in the face of budget cuts. It turns out most bmag readers don’t have a soft spot for the cartoon pig — a staggering 49 per cent of voters said she needs to get her snout out of the publicly funded trough! Just 30 per cent said they love the little porker, and 21 per cent said they didn’t care either way, but their kids would burn down the ABC if Peppa Pig went off the air.