Our readers have a lot to say about the new ‘Strong Choices’ campaign from the state government – check out this letter we received on the issue.

To the Editor,

I am extremely disappointed with the State Government’s $6 million “Strong Choices’’ campaign.

This online questionnaire is nothing more than thinly veiled, pro-asset-sales marketing, with those taking part unable to make any real comment or directly contradict State Government-approved multiple choice options.

Even the online written submission section is just a template document consisting of State Government-approved tick box choices.

The Queensland Nurses’ Union (QNU) rejects the catastrophising of the budget – Queensland net debt is stable, sustainable and comparable to other states.

Therefore the options of asset sales, tax hikes or service cuts being sold to Queenslanders under ‘Strong Choices’ aren’t necessary. They certainly aren’t mandatory.

This is fundamentally a crucial debate on the role of government and our priorities as a community. Queenslanders should know the Newman Government’s ‘Strong Choices’ options could see cuts to vital government-provided services in areas like health, education and child protection.

The community should also be aware that under the LNP asset sales have already begun, with many publicly-run aged care facilities already sold off by stealth. In fact more than 1000 aged care beds will be cut throughout the state. Sadly access to essential public services can no longer be taken for granted in Queensland.

LNP actions beg the question; if government is not here to provide lifesaving facilities for our parents, children and the sick and injured, then what are they here for?

The QNU would welcome genuine debate on the role of government and the provision of services in this state. Surely nothing should be more fundamental to our leaders than the health and opinions of those who live here.

Yours Sincerely,

Beth Mohle

Queensland Nurses’ Union

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