The Queensland government has announced a proposal to offload up to $32 billion worth of assets in order to tackle state debt – what are your thoughts?

The results are in from our poll, with over 500 respondents making their voice heard about Newman’s proposed asset sales.

74 per cent of you say no, we shouldn’t be selling off our assets. 16 per cent thought we should sell off assets to clear debt; and 10 per cent say they don’t know whether it’s a good idea or not.

Here’s some more feedback from our readers:

Please leave my and my fellow Queenslanders’ assets alone. –Elwyn

Once assets are gone the only source of income is taxes. –Julie

Premier, I am extremely strongly opposed to the sale of assets believed “owned” by the State. It’s high time politicians came to the realisation that these assets DO NOT belong to the Government, they belong to the people of the State…the standing Government are merely caretakers of this PUBLIC property. There is no question that Queensland needs to save money and running expenses and to this end the “outgoings” need to be looked at…as with any budget. Since the job cutting splurge last year there have been many high level managerial positions created, positions with obscenely high salaries…REDUCE the number of “jobs for the boys” managerial positions and save the salaries and REDUCE politicians wages to a level that is inline with what the everyday person earns…Remember your days in the Army Premier and how often soldiers were told “Be thankful you are not paid what you are really worth”… -Vince

It would seem madness to sell off assets that are earning an income, and surely they are the only kind that you could sell. Selling the goose that lays the [golden] eggs comes to mind. –Graeme

The present government can only look at the short term cash gain. Just typical of short term vision. –Jim

These assets are the property of Queenslanders and the future generations of Queenslanders. Do not sell off the farm, Campbell. –Charlie 

If asset sales are a must, then don’t sell, lease with options, options to take back the leasing if the use of or charges from are an abuse, or at worse, compulsory acquisition of said assets if abuse or over charging is found with very limited recompense! -Donald

We voted for you , but now we have lost confidence. These assets and the benefits they bring to the State’s coffers should be protected and preserved, not eroded by dilution. –Sue and Michael

Let’s save Australia a lot of money – get rid of the State Governments. -Maria

This is ridiculous, what is this government thinking? –James

Once it’s gone, it’s gone. -Jo

Sell them today, what does the State do for revenue tomorrow? –William

What makes a union organiser better informed as to the state of Queensland’s finances than the State treasurer? We elected our leaders because their predecessors couldn’t run a chook raffle, and now we see the lynch party out to get rid of these people too. At least this lot is trying to curb spending and do what governments are supposed to do – govern. –Cliff

I have seen these attempts to sell off our public assets before to clear debt – only more financial problems resulted from that. –Julie

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