Nowadays, having a proper work-life balance is the holy grail for many on the career path. But is it easier said than done?

So what isĀ work-life balance? It’s adjusting your day-to-day activities to reach a sense of balance between job demands and obligations and enjoyments in your personal life.

Balancing the demands of a busy career and home life is not an easy thing to do, but the benefits can be significant, such as reduced stress levels, better focus and concentration, higher levels of job and home life satisfaction, and improved health.

The best ways to achieve a great work-life balance involve good time-management, goal- and boundary-setting, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle with plenty of sleep and exercise.

Last week we asked you how your work-life balance was faring, and now the results are in…

A little under half of respondents (41 per cent) thought they were in the average range, while 30 per cent were very happy with their schedule, saying their work-life balance was ‘Excellent’.

20 per cent were a little more stressed, reporting their home and work life balance as ‘Terrible’, and nine per cent said their work-life balance was ‘Non-existent’ – something you might want to work on, as the effects of stress can have a real impact on your long-term health!

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