The kids are back at school – we asked how they were feeling about the end of the holidays and the start of another school year!

It seems the youth of today love school, with 46 per cent saying they were excited to go back to school. But not everyone is happy about heading back with just over a third (31 per cent) saying they were nervous,15 per cent feeling ambivalent about heading back, and eight per cent feeling unhappy about going back to school.

The cause of such anxieties could be anything from dealing with academics, other students, or the school atmosphere.

“Some kids may fear they won’t make new friends, others might not understand what a new school routine might mean,” says Kids Helpline Acting General Manager Tony Fitzgerald. “It can be particularly daunting for students moving to high school where they have to adapt to routine changes like a new room for each class and different teachers.

“They may also fear letting their parents down academically.”

Fitzgerald notes that key support should come from parents, but that this may be difficult when teens manifest frustration as anti-social behaviours.

“Young people may appear anxious or frustrated and display negative or disruptive behaviour,” he says. “This can make the transitioning process even more difficult for the young person.

“The most important thing you can do is let your child know that you trust them and keep communication open.”

However they were feeling, we hope your children have settled back in and are happy with their new classes, teachers and friends!

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