Over the long weekend we asked our you to finish this sentence – Australia Day Commemorates…. The results are in and thankfully most bmag readers have their facts straight when it comes to Australia Day.

Over the weekend Australians rallied around the barbecue, draped flags around their shoulders and enjoyed some cold beers to celebrate Australia Day.

Throughout Australia Day, Aussies proclaimed their love of our nation, and described how lucky we are to live in such a bountiful and rewarding country.

What I wanted to know is how many Aussies actually know the real reason we commemorate Australia Day. Australians jump at any chance to relax and enjoy a couple of beers, unfortunately sometimes this means we forget about the bigger picture.

I was skeptical, to say the least, about the impending results of this poll, but thankfully I was pleasantly surprised.

80 per cent of readers who took the poll answered correctly and voted that Australia Day commemorates the First Fleet sailing into Sydney Cove and ultimately discovering Australia. This indicates that the majority of bmag readers are up to scratch on Australian history.

However, 18 per cent of readers believe that Australia Day commemorates six separate colonies becoming one nation. More specifically this answer refers to Federation Day in Australia which commemorates six separate self governed British colonies (Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania and Western Australia) forming one nation. Federation Day falls on the first of January each year. That’s something to ponder next time you have a New Year’s Eve hangover.

2 per cent of those who voted selected the first Kangaroo sighting as the reason behind commemorating Australia Day. I am assuming (hoping) these responses were are joke rather than a serious belief.

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