bmag intrepid reporter Max Moola gets fired up about the new taxpayer-funded marriage counselling – do you agree with his opinion? Let us know…

Okay, that takes the cake, the wedding cake! Now tax payers are forking out for newlyweds across Australia to receive a $200 voucher for marriage counselling. This $20 million trial is the vision of the government to help strengthen Australian relationships and create happy families.

Can I suggest to the government that just because they have our money doesn’t mean they have to find ways to spend it? I would rather have a tax cut or that $200 in my pocket than be helping newlyweds around the country analyse their lives.

Let’s take a good hard look at this. Readers like me who have walked the wedding path (maybe more than once) will know that at that time you are happily wearing your rose-coloured glasses. The future looks bright, you’ve committed to the person you want to walk into the sunset with and the last thing you are looking for or wanting is red flags.

I will put my hand up and say my partner and I (now ex-wife) had to have counselling prior to marriage as part of the conditions of marrying in our church. They ensured we had talked about all the big issues … how we’d handle it if one of us was ill, unemployed or died; do we both want the same things – a family, white picket fence, etc. I can tell you now, even the things we disagreed on didn’t matter because we were in love and getting married.

I feel confident saying the cracks in most marriage are not even visible in those first few years, so is the counselling of any value? I could live with married couples who are in strife getting a counselling voucher (means-approved) as warranted by their doctor or a certified counsellor. But guess what? There are already plenty of counselling services that charge based on the earnings of the couple ensuring that counselling is not out of reach for the family in need.

Add to this, it is now the 21st century … many couples live together before marrying so why are newlyweds needing to know more about being in a relationship with each other?

The voucher is also available to same sex couples, who ironically, cannot legally marry yet. How does that work?

If the government is looking for ways to spend our money, I can help with a list of suggestions. Got a few yourself? I’m thinking I might need a counselling voucher to help me deal with the stupidity of politicians.

This scheme will kick off with a 12-month trial of 100,000 couples starting on 1 July. Forget about saying ‘I do’! I do NOT want to fund this ridiculous idea.

Do you think taxpayers should fund this scheme? Did you have pre-marriage or newlywed counselling and has it helped your marriage? Have your say below…