Last week we asked you if you support the idea of a 1 am lockout, we got flooded with responses and most of you are okay with the pubs closing early.

There is a lot of debate circling at the moment about alcohol related violence and what Queensland needs to do to reduce the risk.

New South Wales have introduced new regulations to reduce the risk of alcohol fuelled violence, including earlier closing time for bottle shops and venues not serving alcohol after 3am.
I believe something should be done but I am not sure that bringing forward lockout times are the only solution. As Ted Mosby says in How I Met your Mother nothing good happens after 2am, but you can’t simply introduce a 1 am lockout and not cater for the follow on effects.

If venues are closing earlier public transport needs to run past midnight and not just a small selection but most bus, train and ferries.

Queensland will have to wait a few weeks to hear its fate, Premier Campbell Newman today announced that the Queensland Government would release their plan to address the problem in March.

78 per cent of voters in last week poll believed a 1 am lockout should be introduced, instead of the current 3 am lockout.

10 per cent of you disagree and believe the 1 am lockout should not be introduced and 12 per cent of you must like staying in because you indicated it wouldn’t affect you.

This response does not reflect the recent study conducted by the government, of the 5500 people who gave feedback, 45 per cent want tougher penalties, and only four per cent support earlier closing times.

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