Last week we asked if you think everyone should be vaccinated. The results are in and it seems most of our readers believe vaccinations are the way to go.

With back to school fast approaching a lot of parents will be checking if their children are vaccinated or if they are due for vaccinations this year.

The vaccination debate is certainly a heated one, but when you sit back and look at the facts it is clear why medical professionals recommend them.

3 facts about vaccines

1. Vaccines helped eradicate Small Pox disease and have caused Polio to almost disappear entirely as well.
2. Immunisation reactions a generally mild and in most cases do not require extensive medical treatment.
3. Millions of lives are saved each year thanks to vaccinations.

I have been vaccinated and I am a supporter of vaccinations, I guess my argument for vaccines stems from a whole disease being eradicated.

In last week’s poll 10 per cent of readers said they believe it is up to each individual parent to decide what is best for their children.

Only four per cent believe that not everyone should be vaccinated and 86 per cent believe everyone should be vaccinated.

86 per cent is a huge amount of voters and the school immunisation scheme allows school children to be vaccinated at school without any fuss.

Getting needles is no one’s favorite activity, but when I was at school and had to face being immunised I put on a brave face because I was surrounded by friends.

Are you vaccinated? Share your vaccination experiences below.