After the Christmas period everyone is stuck with unwanted gifts, so we asked what you do with your unwanted gifts?

At Christmas your friends and family give you gifts and wait  for you to unwrap them, expecting a shriek or surprise or a look of awe at what they have chosen.

Christmas has wrapped up for another year, the gifts have been given, the ham has been eaten and now you are left with the leftovers,some lovely presents and some not so great gifts. Sometimes the gifts you receive don’t fit, aren’t you or are just plain wrong. So now many will find themselves asking – to refund , to re-gift or to keep.

When we put the questions to you the results we got back seemed to indicate you will be do a mix of all three, with 47 per cent of you opting for a mix of refunding, re-gifting and keeping your unwanted gifts.

15 per cent of you are just going to keep your unwanted gifts, what are you going to do with them? Many of you will most likely just pull them out when the gift-giver comes over to visit, for the rest of the year they will be taking up room in closets or under beds.

18 per cent are going to head to the shops to try and get a refund on their unwanted gifts.

20 per cent of you will be re-gifting this year, a brave choice but make sure you don’t accidentally re-gift back to the gift giver.

Now its time for New Year’s Eve and we are asking you how long it will take to break your New Year’s resolution ?