Over the weekend we asked when you will be enjoying your Christmas feast; breakfast, lunch, dinner or all of the above ?

Christmas time is an important time of year to remember what we are grateful for, spend time with family and exchange gifts. However there is another vital part of Christmas; stuffing yourself silly with plenty of delicious food, treats and drinks.

We were curious when our readers enjoyed their Christmas feasts over Christmas Day, so we asked the question do you enjoy your Christmas feast at breakfast, lunch, dinner or all of the above. At my house it is Christmas lunch, which generally goes for about 3 hours with multiple courses, meats and drinks.

After compiling the results it seems many of you do the same with a whopping 79 per cent of readers indicating they enjoy their Christmas feast at lunch. There are benefits to a Christmas lunch no one has to wake up before the sunrises to prepare legions of bacon or other breakfast foods, also its not dinner time so there are no thoughts of putting the children to bed. This means you can start at 11 am and continue eating until 3 pm and no one will even notice.

Plus nothing really beats enjoying a Christmas feast with a nice cold beverage around the pool on a sunny Queensland Christmas Day. As for the rest of results 10 per cent of you opted for all of the above, my hat goes off to you, whether it’s because you have to tackle multiple venues in one day or your family just love to eat your stamina is truly admirable.

9 per cent of you opt for the breakfast; eating and presents? I could get into that. Finally only 2 per cent of you go for Christmas Dinner which I’m assuming would be on Christmas Eve. Who can hold off to enjoy a Christmas feast until dinner time on Christmas Day right?

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