Christmas shopping time is here and we were wondering who has started to chip away at their Christmas list. The results are in and it looks like most of you have been hitting the shops.

Christmas shopping is obviously top of mind for the most of our readers who voted with some more organized than others.

34% of you are super organized and have already finished all of their Christmas shopping, how did you do it? 47% of you are part of the way there and responded that you have started but not quite finished yet.

17% haven’t started their hunt for presents and will have to face the crowds this week but lucky for you late night shopping has started.

Finally a mere 2% of you are holding out until after Christmas for the Boxing Day Sales, it looks like you guys will be getting your hands on all the bargains. Check out our new Your Say poll this week about legalizing same-sex marriage in Australia.

Don’t know when or where to shop this Christmas? If you want to avoid the hustle and bustle of the city, we have compiled a list of the bigger shopping centres around Brisbane and all their opening times between now and into the new year.

The silly season is now upon us, we can all feel the Christmas buzz and are wondering how we are going to survive Christmas? We are approaching crunch-time and for those of us who are balancing work, kids, Christmas planning and present buying, the extended training hours over the Christmas period are a blessing.

Time to get yourself in the Christmas shopping mode…Check out where to shop around Brisbane!