Schoolies rule or should the annual school-leaver celebrations that kick off this week be less a rite of passage and more low-key? We asked you whether it was fun tradition or going too far?

The discussion as to whether schoolies rule our beaches, clubs and acoomodation for end of year celebrations has increasingly been seen as a rite of passage.  Our question to you was should this be changed, is it out of control?

It’s that time of year again, where the surf and sand are filled with school-leavers celebrating their departure from 12 years of study, while parents sit tight and hope the week goes by without a hitch. The question of whether schoolies rule or not is one that comes up at this time every year.

Every year the Red Frogs volunteers head to where Schoolies rule, where the hot spots are in Australia and Bali to offer support, walk Schoolies back to their hotels, clean up rooms, build friendships, give out red frogs and make pancakes.

An overwhelming 70% said Schoolies was out of control and should be stopped; with 18% agreeing it was out of control – but begrudgingly admitting it’s a rite of passage for school leavers; and only 12% saying that it’s just a bit of fun. Hopefully this year the teens behave themselves and leave with the Gold Coast in one piece…



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