Has your relationship survived you working in the same company as your significant other?


Working with your significant other? Spencer and wife Nikki met at a community radio station in Brisbane in 1992 and are a relationship success story! But Spencer asks, could you work alongside your husband/wife/other half?

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Radio producer Majella Marsden, says it’s a minefield for co-workers. “What about where one partner has knowledge of events that may impact on the other?”


Social commentator Brett Debritz says it can make colleagues feel uncomfortable, especially if one of the couple is in a more senior position.


Ambo Bob Hartley says: “We had some issues as my wife was in a subordinate position to me for a while. We had to use the drive home as a defuse/debrief”.


I.F. and R.B. ran a company together for two years. I.F. says they would never do it again: “Too much arguing over business decisions which led to resentment at home. The best thing we ever did was sell the company. We have a better marriage for it.”


Daniel John says “It was the worst mistake ever. Constant bickering all the time.  It was a contract cleaning job at a factory. We worked right on top of each other. We were partners before and not long after.”


Real estate agent Brett Andreassen has made it work for the last three years. His tip: “Don’t take work home and don’t bring home issues to work.”


Kallee Buchanan and her husband Ross work for the ABC in Central Queensland. Kallee says it’s okay to take work home: “It’s great having someone who gets the passion for the job. But you need to have your own time, away from work and home.”


Nataasha Torzsa and her partner work for a telco. They’ve devised three rules: “Don’t discuss personal things during work hours, act like friends at work drinks etc., and don’t discuss `us’ with other workmates”.


But the most surprising story I’ve heard so far comes from admin manager Brendan Taggart: “I used to work in the same department as my partner. The only issue was travelling to work together. He was always late. He was SO slow in the mornings, it was legendary. I hate being late. So I got my own car. Problem solved!”