An international organisation called Meetup, is bringing people together …Pug owners, writers, geeks, atheists, philosophers, bush walkers, movie buffs and more. Are you prepared to meet strangers?

You might know the saying that ‘there are no strangers, just people we haven’t met yet’. Meetup works on this philosophy in bringing people together.

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In favour of meeting our friends and neighbours: “My elderly aunt recently had the lightest of falls, broke her hip and was taken to Greenslopes Hospital in an ambulance. Thankfully, someone was with her, but I worry about elderly people taking falls when they’re alone.  As more elderly people in our society live in social isolation, just imagine them being alone, falling, lying in pain and unable to get help. So I ask everyone to check in on their elderly relatives and neighbours from time to time.” Gail, Mansfield

I tried Meetup because many of my friends were partnered and I was single. It was great. I not only made some new friends, I met my new partner. I say, be brave, step out and give it a go. Michael, Aspley


I moved to Brisbane from Melbourne and while I met people at work, I didn’t know anyone outside of the office. I found Meetup and joined a writing group and golf group. I thoroughly recommend it. Sophie, Coorparoo


In a way Meetup replaces the old time dances … we don’t have any one to do formal introductions these dances, so get out and do your own. Mrs Warren, Bellbird Park.