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Graham Quirk

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Should Brisbane do more to embrace street art?

A photo of Lord Mayor Graham Quirk cracking down on street art at a skate park has sparked debate about the…

Australia Post managing director Ahmed Fahour

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Should the boss of Australia Post make 10 times more than the PM?

A Senate committee has revealed the staggering salaries being paid to Australia Post employees, after the company…

Daylight saving

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Does Queensland need another referendum on daylight saving?

A petition calling on the Queensland government to call another referendum on daylight saving has attracted more than…

Rob Katter

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Should Queensland be split into two states?

Queensland Parliament has voted against the idea of splitting Queensland into two states — but if Rob Katter has his way…


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Should smoking be phased out in Queensland?

The Queensland Government is being urged to consider a generational ban on smoking for anyone born after 2001.…

Queen Elizabeth

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Is it time for Australia to become a republic?

The move for Australia to break away from the monarchy has picked up serious momentum today, with all but one of…

Daylight savings

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Should Queensland adopt daylight savings?

It’s October, so you know what that means — it’s time to argue about daylight savings again. As is our…

Gay marriage

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How should the same-sex marriage debate be decided?

One way or another, the same-sex marriage debate is coming to a head. But how would you like to see the issue decided?…


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Should parents have to pay for public schools?

Means-testing for public education has been suggested in a leaked federal government discussion paper, but is there…

Scott McIntyre

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Should this reporter have been fired?

SBS reporter Scott McIntyre has been sacked after tweeting “highly inappropriate and disrespectful…

Is Annastacia Palaszczuk ready to govern?

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Is Annastacia Palaszczuk ready to govern?

Labor has pointed to a ‘secret plan’ as proof that it is ready to govern, after a high-profile attack from…

Tony Abbott

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Is it time for a leadership spill?

Forget about Katy Perry’s Superbowl halftime performance — Tony Abbott’s National Press Club speech was…

The Queen and Prince Philip

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Should Prince Philip have been awarded a knighthood?

Social media lit up as soon as it was announced, and even some of Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s own colleagues…


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Should fireworks be legal?

It’s illegal to buy, possess and use fireworks in Queensland, but is it time for that to change? The government…

Can you keep a secret?

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Should you tell kids the truth about Santa Claus?

Kitty Flanagan has been slammed for saying that Santa Claus doesn’t exist on last night’s episode of The…