Learn more about the silly season with these interesting Christmas facts. They make great conversation starters for Christmas Day and some of them may surprise you.

Christmas is a time of traditions and symbols; gift-giving, Santa, Rudolph,  Christmas trees and  the baby Jesus all feature heavily throughout Christmas. But where do some of these symbols come from?

We have compiled a list of Christmas facts so you can learn a little more about the silly season and the myths and truths that surround one of the biggest Holidays of the year.

1. Faux a no go

According to some studies real Christmas trees are less harmful to the environment than fake trees.

2. Reindeer games

Many of Santa’s reindeer have male-sounding names (Blitzen, Comet, Cupid etc. ) But male reindeer shed their antlers around Christmas, so the reindeer pulling Santa’s sleigh are most likely female.

3. 12 days of ‘Giftness’

There are 364 gifts mentioned in the ‘Twelve days of Christmas’

4.  An apple a day

Some of the earliest Christmas decorations were apples, red and green anyone?

5. ‘White Christmas’ #1 hit

It is estimated that the single ‘White Christmas’ by Irving Berlin is the best selling single of all time, with over 100 million sales worldwide

6. Shoes not stockings

In the Netherlands children leave out shoes for a Santa look-a-like Sinterklaas to fill with presents and sweets on December 6th.

7. Oh Christmas Tree!

Christmas trees grow for about 15 years before they are considered big enough to be sold.

8. A relationship killer

According to a Facebook study in 2010 two weeks before Christmas is the peak time for relationship break ups. To avoid buying gifts perhaps?

9. Happy or Merry ?

Some Australian priests and citizens believe everyone should say “Happy Christmas”, not “Merry Christmas”. Being merry has connotations of getting drunk, so they encourage everyone to be happy instead.

10. Jingle Bells in November ?

The popular Christmas tune ‘Jingle Bells’ was originally called ‘One Horse Open Sleigh’ and was written to celebrate Thanksgiving.

Share with us any weird and wonderful Christmas facts and we will add them to our list.