Put the FUN back in fun runs with these great events!

I bet you have thought at one time or another that you would like to get involved in a fun run but always had an excuse not to.  Now is the time to have a go…

1. Variety Santa Fun Run

Be a Clause for a cause! Partake in children charity Variety’s Santa Fun Run in December. When you register for the event you get sent a five piece Variety Santa suit that you are required to wear during the event. The suit has shorts, so it’s not too hot and it looks great when everyone is running together.

Event: Brisbane 1 December, Bundaberg 8 December

2. Ettamogah Pub Dunny Race

Every Australia day Ettamogah Pub at AussieWorld raises the Australian flag, sings the national anthem and then…hosts Dunny races. Teams take part in pulling a portable dunny through the course to win the prestigious toilet seat trophy.

Event: 26 January 2014

3. The Colour Run

The Colour Run is a fun 5km event, that will have you coloured head to toe by the finish line. During the run there are five stations where coloured powder is thrown at competitors and competitors can also run with their own powder capsules. The only rule is to come wearing white (once registered you get a white event shirt), this way the colour will really stand out. At the end of the event there is generally a ‘Finish Festival’ with entertainment to party on with.

Know of any other unusual fun runs? Let us know in the comments section below.