What were the must have presents leading up to Christmas in 2013? We’ve compiled a list of Christmas presents that were considered on trend this year.

What Christmas presents has Santa been asked for thousands of times this year? Check out what has been flying off the shelves leading up to Christmas 2013.

1. Big Hugs Elmo

I’m not sure if this is the coolest or the creepiest Christmas present I have ever seen. Remember Tickle-me Elmo? Well now they have taken it one step further with a giant 23 inch version that hugs the children back.

2. Furby Boom

Furbies are back in 2013 with the new Furby Boom. The 2013 Furby is even more interactive, it responds to sounds and music and can even be connected to your iPhone. Plus they are available in so many colors and designs, many little girls can be expecting one of these for a Christmas present.

3. Leap Pad ultre (4-9 years)

Instead of sharing your tablet with your little ones now they can have their own. The Leap Pad Ultra is perfect to keep kids busy for hours, it has Wi-Fi and there are plenty of games and learning activities to download.

4.Nerf rebel heartbreaker bow and arrow

If you have any Katniss Everdeen fans running around this Nerf Bow and Arrow is sure to be a hit on Christmas day.

5. Hammacher Schlemmer Voice Activated R2D2

This gift is so cool I want one too. Your very own R2D2 that can obey over 40 voice commands; turn around, move forward etc. This one is sure to keep the kids entertained well into the New Year.

6. Glow friends pillow pets

A nifty nightlight and a cuddly toy all in one, enough said.

7. Power wheels dune racer

This dune racer is fun for both boys and girls and is built to tackle any terrain. There are two seats in the open cockpit design, so the kids can easily share this one around.

8. X-box one

Another Christmas, another console. A new release for X-box in 2013 the X-box one is sure to be played for hours on and post Christmas Day all around the world.

9. Lala-loopsy tri-scooter

Get the little ones moving with this tri-scooter that just happens to be Lala-loopsy themed. Little girls love Lala-loopsy so this scooter may encourage them to get outside on Christmas day and get active.

10. Lego for girls and boys

Oh Lego, you have served parents well over the years and 2013 is no exception. For the girls there is the Lego Friends Dolphin Cruiser, a doll-house on water. Then for the boys there is multiple choices but our favorite is the City Starter set that includes a littler fire engine and ambulance, to ensure all the Lego get rescued this Christmas.

What other Christmas presents were your kids begging you for in 2013? Let us know and we can add them to our list.