We have the means to create an exciting urban community close to our city centre, writes Lord Mayor Graham Quirk.

Would you like to have a say on the future of South Brisbane’s Kurilpa area? Community consultation is currently underway to consider how our community can benefit from this significant riverfront area into the future.

Cities rarely have the opportunity to significantly reshape their future, yet by virtue of its location, scale and diversity, Kurilpa provides Brisbane with the means to create an exciting and transformative urban community close to its very centre. Just across the river from the Central Business District (CBD), and at 25 hectares, Kurilpa represents an urban regeneration area of immense scale and strategic importance.

Recently I released a draft Master Plan for Kurilpa, so that all members of the community could take a considered and informed view on how we might utilise this space to balance the need for community use, infrastructure and residents over the next 20 years. This was a plan prepared using the feedback from Brisbane residents provided during our River’s Edge Strategy and City Centre Master Plan consultation.

Across our city we have seen great success with river’s edge revitalisation, including in Teneriffe and Newstead which has been completely transformed into a dynamic mix of heritage and new development.

In the draft plan for Kurilpa, there are plans for two new riverfront parks which will form the heart of the Kurilpa precinct and guide the transformation of the area.

The plan envisions that the 25 hectares of land at Kurilpa will become a world class riverfront destination featuring accommodation, public space, cultural facilities and culinary experiences.

Over the 20 year horizon, it will look to include a new cultural facility, a high frequency public transport link, an urban playground under the Merivale Bridge viaduct, a new river-based transport terminal, a world-class park and riverfront amphitheatre and the closure of Riverside Drive to expand existing parkland.

This is a plan that will welcome 11,000 new residents to the area and deliver 8,000 new jobs.

I am encouraging members of the community to provide their feedback during the next month, until Friday 3 October.

Once we have received community feedback, Council will be considering the community’s views before confirming a final direction and framework for the master plan later this year.

More information about the Kurilpa Riverfront Renewal draft Master Plan is available at brisbane.qld.gov.au or by contacting Council on 3403 8888.