Annual video game conference E3 is on now, and a dinosaur wearing Mario’s hat has stolen our hearts.

All sorts of new games debuted at E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) this year, but the only one we really care about is Super Mario Odyssey, because frankly, the ability to possess a T-Rex by throwing a hat at them is long overdue.

In the game, Mario will be able to fling his sentient hat (known as ‘Cappy’) at creatures, people and objects in order to ‘capture’ them.

Once Mario takes control of something, it grows a moustache (obviously).

Here’s Mario controlling a T-Rex…

Super Mario Odyssey

A Goomba…

Super Mario Odyssey

A Koopa Troopa…

Super Mario Odyssey

And even a frog.

Super Mario Odyssey

We are down.

Super Mario Odyssey is out Friday 27 October on the Nintendo Switch.

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