Even if you only have the faintest idea of how Jeopardy! works, you could have come up with a better answer than this guy.

American game show Jeopardy! never caught on over here, but the rules are pretty simple — host Alex Trebek reads out an ‘answer’, and the contestants have to respond in the form of a question.

So, for example, if Alex Trebek says “A hired killer”, the contestants should respond “What is a hitman?”

Unfortunately, nobody told that to Kevin McGinty, who appeared to have no idea how the show worked when he jumped in with this gem of an answer.

When Trebek said “A hired killer”, McGinty inexplicably responded, “HOT GUN!”

It’s not just the wrongness of the answer that makes this great — it’s the sheer confidence with which he says it.

And the fact that ‘hot gun’ is not a thing.

And the way that he doesn’t bother to phrase his answer in the form of a question, probably because he knew “What is a hot gun?” would make no damn sense whatsoever.

Thank you, Kevin, for giving us this beautiful moment.