Meet Satoyuki Fujimura, a Japanese student who can snap his fingers 296 times in one minute.

Fujimura performed his record-breaking feat on Tantei! Knightscoop, a Japanese TV show, in the presence of a Guinness World Records judge.

The judge (and two professional sound engineers) then reviewed the footage to make sure that only audible clicks made by Fujimura using his thumb and middle finger were counted.

Fujimura absolutely smashed the record of 278 finger snaps in a minute, which was set by Sweden’s Jens Gudmansen in 2009.

Fujimura had actually beaten Gudmansen’s mark once before, snapping his fingers 292 times in a minute on television last November, but because there was no Guinness judge there, he was robbed of the record.

The best part of the video is, by far, Fujimura’s facial expressions — but if you were snapping your fingers five times per second, you’d probably look pained, too.

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[Via Rocket News 24]