Learn the alphabet with Trump’s embattled press secretary Sean Spicer.

It’s fair to say that Sean Spicer has had a rough few weeks since the inauguration of Donald Trump — and he hit a new low today, with the news that he has referred not once, but three times, to an Islamist terror attack in Atlanta that never actually happened.

Spicer has since said that he “clearly meant Orlando“.

Spicer’s gaffe, of course, comes after Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway referred to an imaginary ‘Bowling Green massacre’ in three separate interviews.

Much like his boss, Spicer also has an unfortunate tendency to stumble over his words (or just make them up altogether), leading GQ to compile ‘Sean Spicer’s Alternative ABCs’ — a whole alphabet’s worth of flubbed words Spicer has uttered during his press conferences, including gems like ‘Esigdesigejucation’, ‘Transerptation’ and ‘Lasterday’.

You can watch the video above, and listen carefully — these ‘alternative’ words might find their way into your dictionary soon enough.