Hugh Jackman might have just gone and made the best X-Men movie ever.

That’s a big call, of course, especially considering that the film is still a little over a month away from release.

But the two trailers that have been released for Jackman’s swan song as Wolverine, the role he first played in 2000’s X-Men, leave little doubt that this is going to be something special.

The first trailer, with its Johnny Cash soundtrack, was an absolute work of art; an advertisement that could double as an award-winning short film. This one is slightly less transcendent, but it does give us a more straightforward look at what to expect from the film, and it seems like there’s plenty to look forward to.

The film will see an older, wearier and not necessarily wiser Wolverine team up with his increasingly fragile mentor, Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart), to protect a young mutant, X-23 (Dafne Keen), with powers very much like his own.

There are some bad-ass action sequences hinted at in the trailer, of course, but there are also some touching moments between Wolverine, Xavier and X-23, and even a fun bit that confirms X-Men comics exist in the X-Men film universe.

Logan slashes its way into Australian cinemas on Thursday 2 March. We can’t wait.