This is either a complete trainwreck or a brilliant bit of absurdist comedy.

For some reason, channels that do not have the rights to broadcast NYE fireworks continue to insist on running NYE programming.

Take Eleven’s music video show, The Loop, which featured the most awkward countdown to midnight of all time.

The clip features a group of supposed “competition winners” taking the stage for the countdown. The bored-looking group, which includes a middle-aged man holding pom-poms, barely bothers to join in for the countdown, missing out on a few numbers altogether.

When the clock hits midnight, one girl lets off a party popper and throws the left-over plastic at the presenters, while the man with the pom-poms is given an awkward hug by presenter Olivia Phyland.

It’s unclear if the awkwardness was for real, or a deliberate parody of lame NYE shows — in which case, you have to admit it’s kind of brilliant.

Take a look at the clip above and judge for yourself!

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