Parks & Recreation star Nick Offerman has teamed with whiskey brand Lagavulin to create the ad of the year.

Offerman — better known as Ron Swanson — kicked off this tradition last year with a Christmas-themed video that was just 45 minutes of him sitting next to a crackling fire, drinking Lagavulin and staring down the camera.

This year’s video is intended to be played on New Year’s Eve.

The idea is that you hit play at 11pm, and join Offerman as he sits on a dock in silence for an hour, waiting for 2016 to be over.

“I never make New Year’s resolutions because I apply myself to every day of the year in a fashion that can only be described as ‘resolute’,” Offerman said in a statement.

“Because I am not a fool, my determined recipe for delicious living naturally involves a responsible savouring of Lagavulin.”

You can watch the video above, and if that’s not enough Nick Offerman sitting in silence for you, you can watch last year’s ad, too.