The beloved director has teamed with Adrian Brody and H&M for a Christmas-inspired short film.

First off, yes, this is an ad for H&M’s winter collection (which, heading into the heat death of a Queensland summer, could not be less relevant to us right now).

But it’s also a four-minute-long Wes Anderson short, damn it, and that’s not something we’re about to overlook.

The short, titled Come Together, has Anderson’s fingerprints all over it — it’s got Adrien Brody, a train, John Lennon music (Happy Xmas (War Is Over), specifically), a very distinct colour palette, and plenty of whimsy. Anderson never skimps on the whimsy.

It’s beautiful and heartwarming, and with no sign of a new feature-length film on the horizon (his last film was in early 2014!), we’ll take what we can get from Wes Anderson in the meantime.

Watch the short above, and let us know what you think in the comments below.