LeBron: The Musical might just get sports fans into musical theatre.

The video, created by Weston Green, Danny Tieger and George Wasgatt for US pop culture site Dose, sees the highs and lows of NBA superstar LeBron James’ career recreated to the tune of Alexander Hamilton, the opening number from Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Broadway smash, Hamilton.

The video features singers dressed as James and fellow NBA stars Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, Kyrie Irving and Michael Jordan.

“It’s great. It’s unbelievable, actually,” an impressed James told ESPN.

“It was basically the whole journey, up until this point. So, obviously they’ve done their homework and they were pretty much spot on. And the visuals were pretty cool too. You know, all the different characters and different uniforms and different jerseys and things of that nature. I’ve done something right up until this point with my career to see someone be able to take the time out of their days to do something like that. It’s pretty cool.”

James has yet to see the actual Hamilton on one of his trips to New York, but the four-time MVP says he’s looking forward to it.

“The scheduling just didn’t work out and I was kind of upset about it. I’m definitely going to see it.”