Jimmy Kimmel’s latest Lie Witness News segment asks passersby to weigh in on the feud between Vice President-elect Mike Pence and founding father Alexander Hamilton.

The Jimmy Kimmel Live! team hit the streets to ask people what they thought of the “duel” between Pence and Hamilton, who has been dead for 212 years.

As always, there’s a kernel of truth in the question — Pence is, of course, at the centre of a controversy involving the Broadway musical Hamilton.

These people, however, are very quick to believe that Pence is feuding with the actual Alexander Hamilton, and they have very strong opinions about the matter.

One man agrees that Hamilton — who was famously born in the Caribbean before emigrating to the United States — should be forced to show his birth certificate to prove his bona fides, and doesn’t skip a beat when the ‘reporter’ asks him if he should have to show his death certificate, too (“Whatever it takes,” he says without hesitation). He even promises to watch the duel live on TV.

Another man doesn’t seem the least bit bothered when asked if Hamilton’s position might be affected by the fact that he is literally from the 1700s (“There’s nothing new under the sun,” he says matter-of-factly), while a woman happily describes a completely fictional incident in which Hamilton — who, again, has been dead for 212 years — appeared on CNN to challenge Pence while wearing a powdered wig.

“I was like, ‘I can’t believe he would do something like that’,” she says. “It was just one of those things that was so childish and hard to describe.”

So there you go — next time you see a man on the street giving their ‘opinion’ on television, make sure you take it with a generous helping of salt.