The man didn’t actually need saving, but this will still make your day.

A baby elephant in Thailand has jumped into a river to save the man who rescued her one year earlier.

Little Kham Lha raced into the water at the Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai to save Darrick Thomson, the co-founder of the Save Elephant Foundation.

In 2015, Thomson rescued Kham La and her mother Bai Teoy. He brought them to the Nature Park and has spent a lot of time bonding with little Kham La, who didn’t hesitate when the time came to return the favour.

Thomson was actually just kicking and splashing while he went for a perfectly safe swim. When he waved at Kham Lha, she seemed to think it was a cry for help and rushed to his rescue, holding out her trunk for Thomson to hold on to.

This is one elephant that, clearly, never forgets.

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